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InfoWars' Alex Jones launches new website aimed at exposing 'fake news

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Right-wing conspiracy and founder of InfoWars, Alex Jones, on Saturday announced the launch of his new website, NewsWars, which is aimed at exposing fake news.

"Make no mistake, we are now in a news war as globalist-minded monopoly men buy up various mainstream media outlets to spew their own propaganda intended to usher in a post-America world," a blog post on InfoWar said.

Jones made the announcement on his radio and internet show.

“We launched Infowars in 1997. I was on air two years before that. But in the modern world this is the news war. And it’s a fight between those that tell the truth and those who lie,” Jones said during his broadcast.

He then took to Twitter to blast his followers with the news.

Jones is most known for his controversial claims that the 2012 Sandyhook shooting was a government hoax. He received flack from both political parties for his claims. He was even featured in a one-on-one interview with Megyn Kelly where she detailed his Sandyhook theory.

President Donald Trump's former campaign advisor, Roger Stone, was hired to host the website, the Washington Times reported. 

While NewsWars does not have a definitive launch date, Jones' new website on Saturday had links to a number right-of-center news sites, including Brietbart, the Associated Press, Reuters and the Washington Times.

(H/T Washington Times)

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