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It's not only immoral, it's unpatriotic': Jake Tapper blasts Trump's comments on Charlottesville
CNN's Jake Tapper assailed President Trump for his comments which appeared to draw a moral equivalent between the white supremacists and their "antifa" counter-protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia. (Image Source: Twitter screenshot.)

It's not only immoral, it's unpatriotic': Jake Tapper blasts Trump's comments on Charlottesville

CNN's Jake Tapper used the opening monologue of his show to once again slam President Donald Trump, this time for the president's third statement on the heinous attack in Charlottesville, Virginia, where he appeared to equate both extremist parties.

"The president of the United States of America there saying that the press has treated unfairly those people who marched alongside neo-Nazis and white nationalists and the Klan," Tapper explained.

"Now Vice News was embedded with the marchers, let's take a look and see how many 'very fine people' we can find," he said, showing a clip from a report about the rally.

Rally attendees yelled "Jews will not replace us!" and "Blood and soil!" in the video. In another segment, a protester tells the camera, "We greatly outnumbered the anti-white, anti-American filth. And at some point we will have enough power that we will clear them from the streets, forever! That which is degenerate in white countries will be removed!"

"I'm still not very certain where these 'very fine people' the media has been unfair to were," Tapper continued. "The march was billed from the beginning as a rally for racists. Here's the organizer of the march before it happened."

"We're trying to do a pro-white demonstration. So we're trying to make it OK so folks can stand up for white people," Jason Kessler, the "Unite the Right" organizer, said on a taped video snippet.

"And that's what it was," Tapper continued, "complete with torches and swastikas and anti-Semitic chants and barbarism. The reviews for President Trump's affirmation that both the Klan and Nazi side and the side protesting them were equally to blame and equally full of bad and very fine people, well, those reviews not so good. So many CEOs and union leaders have fled White House business counsels in protest, President Trump was forced to abandon the councils this afternoon."

Tapper then showed the many Republicans who denounced Trump's comments, including Charles Krauthammer who called it a "moral disgrace."

"You know who did applaud the president's remarks?" Tapper asked. "Racists! White supremacists, former grand wizard of the Klan, David Duke," he added, reading a tweet of support from Duke. "And white supremacist Richard Spencer, 'Trump's statement was fair and down to earth.'"

"You know, men and women in the United States military fought two wars to defeat the morally repugnant ideas represented in that rally," he added. "The first, the U.S. Civil War was fought against those states that had seceded from the union because they wanted to preserve their right to own African-Americans as slaves."

"And even after the South was defeated, some of them got together and assassinated President Lincoln," Tapper said.

"Now the second war, World War II, was a massive effort with the U.K., Australia, and other allies, to defeat Nazis. Nazi Germany," he continued, "which was sending millions of Jews, Catholics, gays and others to death camps as the Nazis attempted and failed to conquer the world. They too were defeated."

"Now, we have freedoms in this country, so the Klansmen and Nazis," he continued, "they can think their ugly thoughts and spew their hideous words, and they have the right to peacefully assemble."

"But to act as if these defeated, intellectually destitute and pathetic ideologies and people have any moral standing as they rally to intimidate and vomit forth their treasonous filth, it's not only immoral," he concluded, "it's unpatriotic, it's un-American."

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