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Watch: Fox host excoriates Dem staffer for 'bringing us to dark ages' with anti-Trump rhetoric

Fox Business host Trish Regan excoriates Dem strategist for anti-Trump rhetoric. (Image source: Fox News screenshot)

Fox Business Network host Trish Regan excoriated a Democratic strategist on her show Friday for defending anti-Trump rhetoric.

Back to the "dark ages"

According to Regan, the divisive rhetoric coming from Democrats about President Donald Trump is bringing America back to the "dark ages."

"[Liberals] have a play book. This is the agenda they're trying to advance." she said, adding later to Democratic strategist Pablo Manriquez, "you guys are taking it too far here — just simply too far. We as a nation have come so far and you're bringing us right back into the dark ages with this kind of rhetoric."

Regan was referring to comments that Missouri State Sen. Maria Chapelle-Nada (D) made this week when she called for the assassination of Trump. Regan also referred to comments Democrats have made in recent days alleging Trump's White House is full of white supremacists.

Manriquez charged back saying that he doesn't support the rhetoric, but the White House shouldn't have a difficult time condemning white supremacists either.

Identity politics

Ned Ryun, a former Bush speechwriter, elaborated on Regan's commentary and explained that liberals needs to stop with "identity politics" and they need to "disavow Antifa," which are groups of protesters that use violence against those they disagree with.

"Hate is hate, violence is violence," he said. "They wear black but they sure remind me of people who wore brown."

One fiery exchange

"Pablo, you see what your party is doing. They're saying, 'Oh, one less white supremacist in the White House. You're telling me you've got a bunch of white supremacists in the White House?! That is what the DNC is saying," Regan said.

Manriquez said what his party is actually doing is rising above Trump to defeat him.

"By calling him a white supremacist?!" Regan shot back.

"No, by rising and organizing against white supremacy," Manriquez said back, adding that this weekend will be a "mess in this country" due to protests.

"Because you are contributing to this Pablo!" Regan said.

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