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Blood on your hands!' Chaos erupts at Charlottesville council meeting

Protesters shut down the Charlottesville City Council Monday over the attack that took the life of one woman at the "Unite the Right" rally on Aug. 12. (Image Source: YouTube screenshot)

Three people were arrested in the chaos of the first Charlottesville council meeting Monday since the terrible attack that took the life of counterprotester Heather Heyer, and injured others.

Outraged members of the public assailed the council and the mayor with accusations and pointed questions about how the fatal attack was permitted to happen. Many called for the resignation of Mayor Mike Signer, who called for the council meeting to be temporarily suspended.

"Why did you think that you could walk in here and do business as usual after what happened on the 12th?" community activist Nikuyah Walker said.

"Who's streets? Our streets?!" they chanted. At one point two protesters held up a large sign that read "blood on your hands" while standing on top of the council desks.

"A U.S. citizen got murdered," said another speaker. "I knew that girl. You let her get murdered. KKK and Neo-Nazis can come here and say whatever they want, but a citizen from here can't! That's ridiculous!"

"You just dragged out three people," the man continued, "because they were expressing their freedom of speech."

The three people were charged with disorderly conduct or obstruction.

The attack happened at a "Unite The Right" demonstration that included white supremacist and white nationalist members who were partly protesting the removal of a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee.

"I think what you saw last night was a traumatized community beginning the process of catharsis," said Mayor Signer about the meeting.

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