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He brags on Twitter that he punched black Trump fan. He dares cops to arrest him. He gets his wish.

A 20-year-old man was arrested and charged with battery and terroristic threats after he apparently bragged on Twitter that he punched a black Trump supporter and then dared cops to arrest him. (Image source: KTTV-TV video screenshot)

Could this sneaky, cowardly attack thing from leftist white guys be growing legs?

You probably recall the white California professor who was arrested in May on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon — i.e., allegedly pounding Trump supporters with a metal bike lock while dressed in Antifa garb.

Of course, there's the white Antifa devotee who was caught on video sucker punching a man of color after a rally for Republican President Donald Trump in Phoenix on Tuesday night — all while holding a sign that read "I [heart] my Muslim neighbor."

Now let us turn to Laguna Beach, California, and the scene of yet another leftist physical attack on yet another man of color.

R.C. Maxwell, a black Trump supporter, was speaking his mind amid a surrounding Antifa mob as competing rallies ensued Sunday, KTTV-TV reported.

"If the optics were completely different and I was a Black Lives Matter supporter, and I was attacked on the Trump side of a protest, I would be in the spotlight on CNN right now," Maxwell told the station. "I went over to the left side to see if I could engage them with dialogue, and I was instantly encircled by the so called anti-fascists."

Image source: KTTV-TV video screenshot

Then a bearded guy was caught on video walking up to Maxwell and sucker punching him.

Image source: KTTV-TV video screenshot

Thing is, a few days after the assault, a man appeared to identify himself on Twitter and admit that he punched Maxwell, KTTV reported. And why? So Maxwell would stop talking about Trump, the station added.

And when a Twitter user called for his arrest, KTTV said the response was "arrest me, lmfao."

Well, 20-year-old Richard Losey was arrested Tuesday evening and charged with battery and terroristic threats, the station said.

Image source: KTTV-TV video screenshot

Maxwell told KTTV on Wednesday that the attack against him was unprovoked.

"I think the fact that I'm a black conservative causes a lot of problems for the left side because there's no way they can really resolve that according to their narrative of what they think Trump supporters are, so I think that was a bit triggering to the other side," he told the station. "I was getting lots of specific comments like, 'You're a sellout, you're an Uncle Tom.'"

Before the sucker-punch incident, KTTV said it tried interviewing Maxwell on Sunday after a counterprotester shoved him — and soon after the interview commenced, he was surrounded and then verbally harassed, the station said.

Image source: KTTV-TV video screenshot

"I was in a pinball machine full of Antifa. It was a little scary, but I was being bold and not adversarial," Maxwell told KTTV. "You just wanted to ask me a couple questions about what was happening, and we could not even conduct an interview ... dialogue is being shut down and free speech is being attacked."

Jail records showed Losey was being held on $5,000 bail, the Washington Post reported Friday, adding that he's due in court next week.

This story has been updated.

(H/T: Young Conservatives)

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