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Shame on you all': Ohio Supreme Court justice issues stinging rebuke to kneeling Browns players

Ohio Supreme Court Justice Bill O'Neill issued a stinging rebuke to the Cleveland Browns players who knelt in protest during the national anthem on Monday. (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

After a group of Cleveland Browns players were seen kneeling in protest as "The Star-Spangled Banner" played at Monday night's preseason game against the New York Giants, an Ohio Supreme Court justice handed down a blistering sentence, so to speak, on Facebook.

"Congratulations Cleveland Browns on your win," Justice Bill O'Neill wrote. "Unfortunately, my season ended last night. I will NEVER attend a sporting event where the draft dodging millionaire athletes disrespect the veterans who earned them the right to be on that field. Shame on you all. William O'Neill, LTC, US Army, Retired. Vietnam veteran; son of a World II veteran; proud father of an Iraq veteran."

Some commenters didn't like O'Neill's stance one bit.

"I think you forgot why you served," Everett Walsh wrote. "You were supposed to serve for the exact thing they are doing, that they can peacefully demonstrate without fear of reprisal or imprisonment or death, as can happen in other countries. I bet you didn't say anything about your actual draft dodging president. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF, what an ass."

Tom Pierce added, "Since you are a son of a WWII Veteran, were you equally as outraged over US Citizens parading on US soil with Nazi flags? The flags and symbols the greatest generation fought to eradicate from earth? The symbols they shed blood, and died for. Were you equally as outraged? If so, I missed that post."

But other commenters agreed with the justice's perspective.

"It is always funny to see how people react when someone who has served and protected their right to free speech actually exercises that right on his own behalf," Mike Spagnoletti noted. "Just because you are a public servant and in this case a state supreme court justice doesn't mean you are not permitted to have your own personal opinion and right to express it. While I could never understand anyone wanting to be a Cleveland Fan in the first place, I absolutely 100% stand behind this man's opinion and right to express it. As a veteran myself I earned that right and I will keep it."

"FINALLY someone who speaks for the majority of us!!!" Char Pacifico Piscitello wrote. "Believe me they were NOT praying!!! They think they are protesting against oppression??? REALLY? Just how oppressed are these guys!!!"

"Well said sir," Chuck Stemler added. "I salute you as a Marine Corps veteran. Thank you."

(H/T: Todd Starnes)

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