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Texas man is asked what he's about to do with his boat. His response epitomizes the American spirit.

A Texas man was asked what he was about to do with his boat. His seven-word response epitomizes the American spirit. (Image via Twitter @AustinKellerman screenshot)

Feet of rain has fallen in some areas of southeastern Texas in less than two days thanks to now-Tropical Storm Harvey. Combined with the area's proximity to the ocean and the large number of creeks, rivers and bayous, the torrential rain has caused catastrophic flooding.

This includes Houston, the third most populous city in the United States. The city didn't issue mandatory evacuation, so the amount of rainfall likely caught millions off guard.

That has left people stranded, many escaping to their attics or roofs before being rescued by first responders. Only problem is, there aren't enough rescue boats or rescuers to go around, so area officials have recruited anyone with a boat to help assist with rescues.

That brings us to an anonymous man from Texas City, Texas, a small town in Galveston County. The unknown man was briefly interviewed Sunday afternoon as he appeared to unload his boat.

A local reporter was taped asking the man where he was from and what he was there to do. His response epitomizes the American spirit.

"You guys just jumpin' in to help out?" the reporter asked.

"Yessir," the man replied, explaining that he's from Texas City.

"What, what are you gonna do?" the reporter followed up.

"I'm gonna try to save some lives," the man responded.

The man, who remains unknown though likely not for long, was universally praised on social media.

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