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Commentary: The real America is on display in Houston — not with radicals and sensationalists
The real America is on display right now in Houston, as everyone from our brave men and women in uniform to regular citizens put themselves in harms way in order to help their fellow man. (Getty Images)

Commentary: The real America is on display in Houston — not with radicals and sensationalists

It will never cease to amaze me how the most tragic circumstances bring out the real quality of Americans.

As rain from Hurricane Harvey continues to fall and bring destruction on South Texas, heroes are rising to rescue, feed, and shelter those in need. The flood of pictures and stories of those acting in support of their fellow man on social media stands in stark contrast to the hopelessness of Texans standing stranded on their roofs.

It's during times of tragedy when the silent majority gets loud. People of every color, origin, religion, and class are willingly putting themselves in danger and sacrificing their own resources to render aid to complete strangers.

This is the true America — the selfless, charitable, and brave people whose power we all get to witness when disaster strikes.

At the risk of sounding macabre, this display of the real America came at a great time. Currently dominating the headlines are stories about groups from both the left and the right fighting in the streets. Stories, articles, and picket signs that openly promote violence or hatred are immediately seen if you walk too close to a working television screen.

You would think our nation is on fire if you follow only the sensationalism on social media or the news. You would think America is on the verge of civil war as radicals with masks over their faces beat up bystanders on the streets and white-supremacists drive their cars into crowds.

But the hurricane — while bringing with it destruction and death — brought out the truth about this nation. We are not the divided mess you're regularly shown. We're still a united, giving, and selfless people.

Even as I sit here writing this article I'm seeing social media posts about Antifa protests and violence appear side by side with posts about the bravery exhibited in Houston. Compared to the substance demonstrated by people who ran toward Hurricane Harvey and not away from it, the radicals and sensationalists in our country look hollow and gross.

It's a click-circus that outrages and worries us but in the end is just a bunch of clowns with too much media attention.

Yes, they're a problem and should be dealt with. But compared to the heroism seen in the Houston area, these people seem small. Their rage looks more like a childish temper tantrum next to the love and sacrifice going on in Texas.

The real America is the photo of a man carrying a woman and her baby to safety. It's the Louisiana citizen-run Cajun Navy deploying from their state to help complete strangers. It's the priest bringing mass to the trapped with his kayak. It's the reporter flagging down help in the middle of a broadcast to rescue a man stranded in a semi-truck. It's the man setting out into the storm with his friends to save lives with his personal boat.

The real America is seen right now with Americans coming to the rescue of other Americans, not fighting them.

God bless America.

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