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Here are some bright moments from the darkness of Tropical Storm Harvey

As Hurricane Harvey continues to cause trouble, some Texans have made the best of a bad situation. (Getty Images)

While Tropical Storm Harvey continues to affect those in gulf coast area of Texas, there have been bright moments amid the tragedy. Whether it's people's strength shining stronger than ever, or just funny moments that made us smile despite the sadness, these occurrences have been  a welcome bit of warmth.

Here are some great moments you may have missed amidst the devastation of Tropical Storm Harvey.

'I'm not sure that that was water.'

Houston's KRIV-TV has been covering the flooding in its home city extensively. However, some confusion as to a drink being handed around to rescue victims on a boat caused a hilarious moment between two anchors commenting on the scene.

A woman captured the moment of a female anchor speaking on the stresses of the victims, when the anchor noted some of the passengers on the boat sharing water between them from bottle's cap. A male anchor humorously disagreed.

"Yeah. Yeah, I'm not sure that that was water," said the male anchor, causing the woman filming the clip to laugh out loud.

Grandma gets jet ski'd right out of her home

One viral video captured a moment of both warmth and humor. In the picture, a white elderly woman and a black man sitting on a wave runner smile at a camera above them while giving a thumbs up. The wave runner is presumably being used to rescue citizens from their homes, and in an effort to keep the woman dry, this wave runner was backed into her flooded home.

Houston police dry out their uniforms

The Houston Police Department is working hard to help the city's citizens, which is naturally leaving them soaked from the flood waters. However, the HPD has a job to do, and they're not going to let being all wet stop them from serving.

Using the hand dryer in a bathroom in what appears to be Houston's Westside High School, HPD officers are seen attempting to blow dry their boots and uniforms in order to get back out there as fast as possible. One officer is seen smiling as he displays his resourcefulness.

'You took care of everything, Lord'

Despite the tragedy and loss, many are thankful that they and their family members are safe. KTRK-TV (ABC 13) captured a moment in which strangers put their arms around each other's shoulders in a huddle, and thanked God that they were brought out of the flood and onto dry land.

A crisis, or an opportunity?

Some friends got together to make the best of a bad situation by tying inter-tube ski ropes to the back of a truck and having a little fun. Music blasts from the truck's stereo as one man moves back and forth, passing over three friends holding on as they ride on an inter-tube.

Literally camping on the roof

These Houstonians decided that if they were going to be stuck on their roof, they were going to turn it into a camp site, complete with tents attached to the house.

The flag was still there

Aransas Pass Police Department officer Jack McCarty braved the storm to make sure Old Glory still flew despite the storm raging around her.

"While some dishonor and desecrate her, APPD Ofc. Jack McCarty will stop at nothing to honor and save her," wrote Aransas Pass PD on their Facebook.

Many more stories that have already been covered also speak to the resilience, charity, and faith of the American spirit. Be it the brave rescue of a couple boys from torrential waters, a man reuniting a lost dog with its family, or private citizens from another state bringing their boats down to rescue those in dire need, the best of humanity is on display in South Texas.

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