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Sebastian Gorka says Trump sent him a message after he left the administration — here's what it said
Sebastian Gorka said that his resignation from the White House was just the second phase of the "MAGA agenda" in a very combative interview with Channel 4 News. (Image Source: YouTube screenshot.)

Sebastian Gorka says Trump sent him a message after he left the administration — here's what it said

Sebastian Gorka, the former deputy assistant to President Donald Trump, appeared on British Channel 4 News in a very combative interview and showed that he was just as willing to be a "pit bull" for the president after quitting the administration as he was before. But when questioned about whether Trump should have denounced the white nationalists in Charlottesville more forcefully, he refused to answer, saying, "just keep spinning your left-wing wet dreams, please."

In the interview with Krishnan Guru-Murthy, Gorka refused to reveal the identities of the persons he angrily denounced as being against the Trump agenda in his resignation letter.

"I'm not here to stoke palace intrigue stories," he said, "I had enough of those, up to my ears with those for the last eight months."

"But that's exactly what your statement has done," Guru-Murthy challenged. "You can't say that you're not here to stoke palace intrigue when you release a resignation letter that talks about you know, people who are against President Trump's agenda without saying who they are."

"You are precisely stoking intrigue," he said.

"If you have a pulse and you're breathing, and you follow U.S. politics, you'll know exactly who I'm talking about," Gorka said. "I'm not here to attack the administration en bloc, or individuals, I'm here to support the president's agenda, and he reached out to me after my resignation and informed me that he would like me to do so from the outside, and that's what I, Steve Bannon, and everybody else who's committed to the 'Make America Great Again' agenda will be doing."

"This is just phase 2 of the MAGA agenda," he exclaimed.

"Well he may have sent you a message after the event, but surely you feel let down by the president, I mean after all you were out there every day defending him, and he didn't lift a finger to stop you leaving the White House," Guru-Murthy asked.

"Not at all," Gorka responded, "No, not at all, not at all. This man is unstoppable. The fact that we have entrenched interests for decades in this city is just a reality that we're going to deal with."

"But this is all contradictory," Guru-Murthy said, "I mean, you're saying he's lost control and that the people around him pushed out the great supporters like you and Steve Bannon, yet you're saying he's unstoppable."

"He's clearly, he clearly is stoppable, because people like you have been pushed out!" the host said.

Gorka angrily rejected the claim made by what he called a "low-level flunky" who sent an anonymous letter to reporters claiming Gorka was pushed out of the White House.

"As my letter indicated, we have a temporary situation with those people who are not committed fully to the MAGA agenda are in the ascendancy," he said, "but it's a temporary state of affairs."

"It's not about my ego, or where I'm sitting," Gorka continued. "It's about the president's agenda being realized, and right now the best way we can do that — Steve and myself and others — is outside the building."

"It's a very simple calculation, if you want me to explain it to you a fourth time, I will," he added.

Later when asked about Charlottesville, Gorka instead pointed out the Bernie Sanders supporter who targeted Republicans in the terrible Virginia shooting attack, and the left-wing attacker on a train in Oregon.

"It's the left who has normalized violence," Gorka added, "the KKK are a joke. They don't have any place in normal political life, but they—"

"But didn't you look at those pictures of Nazis," Guru-Murthy interrupted, "and say to the president, 'Look, Mister President, you've got to condemn these people. You can't say that they're the same. There aren't great people among these marchers. These are Nazis.'"

"Just keep spinning your left-wing wet dreams, please," Gorka spit out.

"Is that the best you've got?" Guru-Murthy answered.

"No, I mean you're clearly not listening, there's violence on both sides," he answered.

"If you don't understand that assassinating or attempting to assassinate Republican congressman is actually wrong, then Channel 4 shouldn't be in the news business," he concluded.

Gorka's resignation letter was leaked to the press Friday coinciding with the landfall of Hurricane Harvey, and in the angry missive, he derided the elements in the administration that he said were opposed to the "Make America Great Again" agenda of Trump.

Leaks from the administration indicated that he was pushed out instead of resigning intentionally. Gorka has denied those claims vehemently.

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