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Gorka says few understand Trump's deal with the Democrats, and points out who does

Former White House adviser Sebastian Gorka indicated that few understood President Trump's controversial Democrat budget deal, but that Lou Dobbs did. (Image Source: YouTube screenshot)

Former Trump adviser Sebastian Gorka offered his insight on the very controversial budget deal President Donald Trump made with the Democrat leadership, saying that few understood the deal, but that Fox News Business host Lou Dobbs did.

"Amazing how so many just don't understand what [President Trump] did today," he tweeted Wednesday. "[Lou Dobbs] does."

He posted Dobbs' analysis from his Fox News Business show where he claimed that the surprising deal was done to cut off Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) at the knees, and expose him as a hapless fake Republican.

"A few thoughts now on the death of a RINO," Dobbs began, referring to the acronym many use for "Republican In Name Only."

"Nothing to lament here," he said, "we're just examining politics in 2017. We're talking about Speaker Paul Ryan, and his obsequious deference to corporate lobbyists and unbridled hostility toward President Trump.

"The president not only took RINO Ryan to the woodshed," Dobbs explained, "but eliminated any need for any Republican to ever pretend again that Ryan is a real Republican in any way. Or that any RINO has a political future after Mr. Trump simply bootless the hapless fool out of the way of those trying to get the nation's business done."

Dobbs ran a video of "clueless" Ryan decrying the Democrat deal just hours before Trump had agreed to it.

"They did mean that, and it wasn't so ridiculous it turns out," he said sarcastically, "because in just a few hours, President Trump reached a deal with the Democrats to raise the debt limit, to fund the government until mid-December while providing funds for Harvey relief.

"Deal done!" Dobbs explained triumphantly.

"President Trump also clearing the way for tax reform while he was at it," he said.

"Contrast Ryan's inane insults," he continued, "his obstinance and subversion of President Trump to the behavior and rhetoric of Democratic leadership of late. They've calmed themselves, they've been far more conciliatory in their rhetoric over recent weeks."

"And now Ryan is full exposed to the nation," Dobbs concluded.

Others would disagree with that assessment, including Daily Beast conservative columnist Matt Lewis, who said on CNN Wednesday that Trump got "rolled" by the Democrats and got nearly nothing in return.

Gorka has been batting down reports that he was "pushed out" of the administration, and insists that he left on his own in order to fight for Trump's "Make America Great Again" vision from outside the White House.

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