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This celebrity chef says he'd feed Trump poison. Will he be treated the same way Kathy Griffin was?

Image source: TheBlaze

Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain quipped last week that he would serve poison to President Donald Trump should he ever have the chance to cook for the president.

Bourdain's bite-sized comments were caught on camera by TMZ after a staffer outside of LAX asked the chef what he'd prepare for the president.

But the chef's comments beg the question: Why hasn't the response to his rhetoric reached a fevered pitch yet like it did when comedian Kathy Griffin posed for a controversial photo shoot featuring a prop resembling a bloodied Trump head?

What he said

When asked by a TMZ cameraman what he would serve Trump for dinner, Bourdain glibly answered, "Hemlock."

The response, so far, has been crickets. There has been zero media outcry against Bourdain, and even social media has been relatively quiet about Bourdain's comments.

It's a fair assumption to make that the chef's "joke" wasn't as in-your-face as Griffin's photo shoot, but it's also a possibility that there's more to the story than what we're getting.

Bourdain's credibility

While Griffin has been on the fringe for her credibility in the past, she is a comedian. Comedians are expected to make outlandish comments and jokes, which often border on the offensive. Bourdain, on the other hand — and while outspoken on social media — is no comedian.

The chef spends his days traveling around the world and observing people, which you would think would allow him to be more open-minded to — or at least respectful of —things that he doesn't necessarily accept.

Bourdain on Wednesday tweeted that he was visiting West Virginia, and called the diversity of opinions and cultures "incredible."

He wrote, "I am surrounded by people who don’t vote the way I vote or value what I value in the same way. But damn… it’s …incredible."

After one of his followers asked for suggestions as "must-do" things while in West Virginia, Bourdain esoterically responded, "Forget where you came from. Open your mind."

Bottom line

Bourdain has not been fired from any productions, and he hasn't lost any endorsements. In fact, it would seem that his comments very nearly fell on deaf ears.

Griffin based her brand on being over-the-top, crass, and borderline unlikable.

Bourdain, while some might argue as in the same boat, professes on social media to be something other than what he presents himself to the public — an analysis based solely on his interaction with TMZ.

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