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After two abortions and two suicide attempts, woman turns to God and changes her life

Image source: TheBlaze

In an uplifting interview with website Evewoman, a Kenyan woman detailed her emotional and mental struggles after having two abortions and trying to kill herself twice.

Why two abortions?

The woman, identified as "Joan," revealed that she aborted two babies after relationship failures.

  • Joan's first abortion was after she found out that the man who had impregnated her would not commit to a relationship with either her or their unborn child.  Joan also felt too young — at the age of 20 — to be a mother.
  • Despite feeling in her heart that it was the wrong thing to do, Joan opted for the abortion.
  • Joan's second abortion came after she experienced "shame and fear" after becoming pregnant with a second partner.

What happened after her abortions?

  • She revealed that in addition to intense physical pain as a result of her abortions, she experienced emotional pain worse than the physical.
  • Joan fell into a deep depression and attempted suicide twice.
  • After hitting rock bottom, she took her shame, heartbreak, and guilt to the Lord.

How God turned her life around

“I wanted a complete healing for my heart, mind, spirit, body and soul," Joan told the website. "I knew that only God could give me that.”

Joan approached the leaders at her church and sought counseling.

"I started having a deep hunger for the word of God," Joan said. "I longed to know what God says about me and my sexuality."

She said that the word of God taught her that "sex is sacred," and an "act of worship when done in the right place, at the right time, and with the right person."

Joan's post-abortion message

After she turned her life around, Joan began preaching the message of abstinence at schools.

“I knew then that there were other women who had gone through or are going through what I did. I desired to reach out to them,” she said.

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