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This teacher was having sex with students, until a parent exposed her

Jessie Lorene Goline, a 25-year-old former high school teacher, confessed to having sex with four high school students, two of them on the same night, in Jonesboro, Arkansas, (Image source: courtesy of the Craighead County Sheriffs Office)

"I'm not going to lose my husband," Jessie Goline said, as she cried in the principal's office. Still, she had to tell the truth. "We had sex."

That's how Goline, a 25-year-old former high school teacher from Jonesboro, Arkansas, confessed to having sex with four high school students, two of them on the same night.

It all took place over the course of four months, between January and April 2016. Goline would talk to the students through text messages, turning the conversations increasingly sexual over time. Sometimes she would send suggestive pictures of herself to them.

Finally, she would invite them to her apartment, sometimes even picking them up and taking them to her home for sex. On one occasion, she allegedly took a student who was enrolled in one of her classes to her apartment, had sex with him, and then dropped him back off at the school.

A parent got wind of the inappropriate relationships, and threatened "bodily harm" to Goline for having sex with students. That's how the school found out in April 2016, and opened an investigation.

Confronted with the exposure of her actions, Goline tearfully confessed to school principal Matt Wright. Now, she's facing one charge of first degree sexual assault, because one of the students she had sex with was under 18 at the time.

She could face 10 to 40 years, or potentially even life, in prison if she is convicted.

Goline said she thought that student was 18, and only later found out he was "way younger than what he had told her," according to court documents.

This writer's perspective

There is, or at least there used to be, a school of thought that it was easier to raise a teenage son than a daughter, because of the sexual pressures and advances a teenage girl can be faced with in high school.

Stories like this remind us that's not really true. Because you don't just have to worry about other students now; you have to worry about teachers, often young and very recently out of college, deciding they want to take advantage of your child. Male or female.

Of course, there's always going to be the crowd that says "I don't see what the problem is, that was probably an awesome experience for those boys." Too many people think it can only be sexual assault if it's a man victimizing a woman.

You have to actually tell your kids that they shouldn't be texting their teachers. I'm young enough that I had a cellphone when I was in high school, but old enough that the thought of developing any sort of personal outside-of-school relationship with a teacher never crossed my mind. It just wasn't a thing any of us thought of, at my school at least.

Now, you have to know who your child is hanging out with and where they're going, not just because they might be out with friends sneaking some alcohol, but because their teacher might have invited them over for sex.

It's a different world out there, and it requires more vigilant parenting than ever before. Thank God for the parent that found out what was going on in this Arkansas school, so that there's at least one less predatory teacher in the classroom.

(H/T Arkansas Online)

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