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Woman who said Hobby Lobby cotton decoration is racist speaks out after widespread backlash

The woman behind the viral Hobby Lobby cotton post speaks out — and explains whether or not she regrets posting it. (Image source: KCEN-TV screenshot)

When Daniell Rider posted to Facebook about a cotton decoration she saw in Hobby Lobby, she had no idea her post would become one of the most shared and discussed stories of the week.

What happened?

Millions of Americans read Rider's Facebook post, where she decried a cotton art decoration she spotted at Hobby Lobby earlier this month. She said:

This decor is WRONG on SO many levels. There is nothing decorative about raw cotton... A commodity which was gained at the expense of African-American slaves.

A little sensitivity goes a long way.


What does she have to say now?

Speaking with KCEN-TV this week, Rider said that cotton isn't an art decoration, but rather a symbol of oppression of black people in America.

She explained: "I wasn't trying to be divisive. If I was trying to be divisive I would've talked about the world, talking about race relations. I am a consumer talking to a retailer. And, all I said was I found something offensive."

Rider also explained that she has been inundated with death threats since her post went viral.

"It's no longer about the raw cotton. The cotton is off the shelf, but the racism remains there."

Does she regret the post?

Simply, Rider said that she does not regret the post, but reiterated her claim that she didn't intend to be divisive.

"I'm still gonna be happy, and I'm still gonna make a change in the world," she said.


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