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Viral photo shows California police officer going above and beyond to assist elderly man

A photo of a California police officer's random act of kindness is warming hearts across the nation. (Geoffroy Van Der Hasselt/AFP/Getty Images)

Officer Robert Josett of the Montebello Police Department wasn't sure what he would find when responding to a disturbance call last week at a local bank, but what he did after that is warming hearts across the nation.

It was Friday afternoon when Josett was dispatched to a Montebello Bank of America to respond to a customer reportedly causing a disturbance. Upon arrival, he found 92-year-old Jesus Rangel extremely frustrated and upset after learning he couldn't withdraw money from his own bank account because his California driver's license had expired.

Josett could have de-escalated the situation and sent the gentleman on his way, which would have certainly fulfilled his job requirements, but he chose a different approach to help Rangel find a solution.

After calming Rangel down and getting approval from his sergeant, Josett drove Rangel directly to the Department of Motor Vehicles where he assisted the elderly man in renewing his license. But the kindness didn't end there. When they were done, he took Rangel back to the bank, where he was able to withdraw money from his account.

"As they say, a picture tells a thousand words," Community Relations Sgt. Marc Marty told TheBlaze. "What's been really nice is the community responding to this photo saying 'Hey, this is really good — this is what we need to see — we're tired of all the negativity out there.'"

"We feel very supported by our community," he added.

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