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Tough guy' levels victim from behind with sucker punch to head in possible 'knockout game' attack

Police officers in Texas are looking for an 18-year-old "tough guy" that they suspect sucker punched a 30-year-old man in the head from behind in a possible "knockout game" attack. (Image source: KPRC-TV video screenshot)

Police in Texas are looking for an 18-year-old "tough guy" wanted in connection to a possible "knockout game" attack against a 30-year-old man.

What happened?

  • Rosenberg police said the suspect and victim were walking out of Ruchi's Mexican Grill after 1 a.m. Sept. 24 when the incident occurred, KPRC-TV reported.
  • Surveillance video provided by police shows the suspect throwing a single punch from behind, knocking the victim's baseball cap from his head — and the victim to the sidewalk.

Image source: KPRC-TV video screenshot

  • The victim remained face-down and motionless until the end of the clip.
  • Police said 18-year-old Alejandro Maldonado is wanted "for the alleged offense of Aggravated Assault."

Image source: KPRC-TV video screenshot

  • Police added to KPRC they don't believe Maldonado knew his victim.
  • The victim was severely injured and spent several nights in a hospital, KTRK-TV reported.

Do police have any theories?

  • The attack may be part of the infamous "knockout game," police told KTRK.
  • The game typically involves assailants punching unsuspecting pedestrians in the head and often recording the assaults on video.
  • "You think it's a game, your friends might peer pressure you into doing something, and it's a serious offense, it's a felony, it's an aggravated assault," Rosenberg Police Lt. Chad Pino told KTRK. "In this case, he sustained some serious injuries, and it's not a game. It's not going to be funny when you're in prison."

What are police saying about the suspect?

  • Police said they had spoken last week to Maldonado who was going to turn himself in, KPRC said.
  • But he cut off communication with police, KPRC added.
  • Police said they hope the release of the video will force Maldonado to come in, KPRC said.

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