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Students at Brooklyn College don't want NYPD to use their bathrooms: 'People get triggered' by cops

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Some students at Brooklyn College in New York City are vehemently opposed to New York's finest using their bathrooms.

Unofficial policy currently encourages officers on campus to use a bathroom on the far end of campus.

Now, a movement to ban NYPD officers from the campus altogether is underway.

What are the details?

According to a report published by the New York Post on Sunday, students at the school drafted a petition to Brooklyn College President Michelle Anderson.

The petition requested that all police officers be totally banned from the campus.

One student who spoke to the Post said that some students "get triggered" by police presence.

Another student — who apparently supports the petition — said, "I know students from every background and across every major. They don’t feel comfortable around cops. They just don’t. It makes safe spaces feel not so safe."

Donald Wenz, the director of Public Safety at the college, told The Excelsior that he's attempting to conceal officers from sight on the campus.

Though all bathrooms are accessible to NYPD officers while on campus, Wenz said the institution prefers cops to use the facility in the West End Building.

The Excelsior reported that after a screening of "Watched" — a documentary about an NYPD informant who watched Muslim students on campus over a period of four years — some students felt increasingly threatened by police presence on the campus.

"I disagree with [NYPD] being on campus," one student said. "Especially allowing them to use the building where student groups are held."

Another student said that some "do not want the NYPD on campus in any respect even if it’s just to take breaks and use [the] bathroom."

Wenz told the Post, "If police are seen walking across the quad, some may interpret that as an emergency going on."

A spokesperson for the taxpayer-funded college campus said, "Brooklyn College offers the use of our facilities to the NYPD and other public servants ... as a courtesy."

As of Nov. 15, police are still able to use bathroom facilities at the college.

What's this bathroom like?

According to one student who spoke to the Post, the unofficial designated bathroom for NYPD is in far less than optimal shape.

"The bathroom is horrendous," the student said. "You can only wash your hands in one of the sinks because the other two are broken."

Employees at the Post also observed that the toilet seat was "hideously" stained, and an "out of order" sign was taped to the stall's door.

There also was no soap or paper towels in the facility.

Have officers responded?

Two officers spoke to the Post about the reports coming out of Brooklyn College.

"It’s not like we’re invading their campus," one officer said. "We’re only going there to use the bathroom."

Another officer added, "That protester culture is warping their f***ing minds."

Ed Mullins, NYPD sergeants-union chief said, "Maybe it’s time these students, who fail to recognize the value of those protecting them, go take classes abroad — where they can have their bathrooms all to themselves."

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