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Trump calls out NFL player for not standing for US national anthem, but honoring Mexico's

President Donald Trump waded into sports politics again on Sunday with tweets about Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch and basketball dad LaVar Ball, who's son was arrested recently in China. (Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

President Donald Trump waded into sports politics on Twitter again Monday when he singled out an NFL player for not standing for the national anthem Sunday.

What happened?

Oakland Raiders star running back Marshawn Lynch did not stand for the national anthem during pre-game festivities on Sunday prior to a matchup against the New England Patriots.

That’s been the norm for Lynch, who regularly doesn’t stand during the national anthem. But Sunday was different, because the game was being played in Mexico City — and he stood for the Mexican national anthem.

Lynch has chosen not to participate in national anthem festivities this year as a way of silently protesting police brutality and systematic racism in the U.S. The Patriots won the game, 33-8.

What did Trump say?

Trump, writing on social media early Monday, said that Lynch should be suspended for the rest of the season if he continues to not stand during the national anthem.

Trump has repeatedly inserted himself into the debate surrounding NFL players' kneeling protests.

Any other sports comments from Trump?

Trump also inserted himself in another sports controversy on Sunday.

Three UCLA basketball players last week were arrested for shoplifting in China. The kids faced lenient consequences, because as Trump has since said, he worked with Chinese President Xi Jinping to secure their release. But one of the player's fathers, the infamous LaVar Ball, said over the weekend that Trump didn't help the arrested players.

Trump took the bait and responded to Ball on Twitter Sunday, saying that he shouldn't have intervened on the kids' behalf:

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