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Two intruders break into Korean War veteran's home — he instantly makes them regret it

Two men break into an elderly Pennsylvania man's home. He sleeps with a gun under his pillow. Then he confronted the intruders, killing one. Police have called the shooting justified. (Image source: WPIX-TV screenshot)

An 84-year-old Korean War veteran has no regrets after shooting and killing an intruder who broke into his house Friday morning.

What happened?

According to WPXI-TV, Don Lutz was awoken at his home in Ellport, Pennsylvania, at about 1:30 a.m. Friday morning after two intruders broke into his home. Then, Lutz said, the intruders attacked him to their own demise.

After hearing the break in, Lutz said he retrieved the handgun that he keeps under his pillow. Then he confronted the intruders.

"I just fired one. It was in the dark. He attacked me and he was up close and I shot him,” Lutz said. “They jumped me and we both went on the floor. I scuffled with them on the floor and the one guy rolled over dead and the other guy, he jumped up and went out the door."

Police said they are searching for the second intruder, who investigators believe was possibly hit by the single gunshot because they couldn't find the bullet. Lutz said he "hopes" the bullet hit the second intruder.

Police also believe Lutz was targeted because they have been called to his house several times for past incidents.

How is Lutz feeling?

Despite the attack, Lutz said he is feeling OK, short of a little soreness. He told WPXI that his faith is what got him through the ordeal.

"I've never been afraid in my life. God has always been with me and I'm a hard believer in God and Jesus Christ," he said.

Police have called the shooting justified and no charges are expected to be brought against Lutz, according to WTAE-TV.

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