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Tucker Carlson says Trump should only cut a deal for amnesty with these conditions

Fox News' Tucker Carlson gave a warning to the GOP on an immigration deal and laid out the only conditions under which they should grant amnesty to "Dreamer" illegal aliens. (Image Source: YouTube screenshot)

Tucker Carlson warned the Republican party that they would be committing suicide if they caved on an immigration deal that is currently being negotiated between the Democrats and President Trump.

Here's the video of Carlson's monologue:

Amnesty only with strict conditions

"Now trying to cut a deal is reasonable but amnesty should only be given in return for real and long-term immigration reforms," Carlson explained. "Otherwise it will amount to another betrayal, the kind that voters have seen many times over the past thirty, the kind that got Donald Trump elected, actually.

"America deserves real borders and policies that put American interests first, instead of an endless cycle of amnesty coupled with empty promises of future border enforcement at some point, and that's what we've had for a long time"

Carlson went on to explain the many aspects of immigration that could be restricted with the stamp of approval by a majority of Americans, according to some polling.

"Restricting immigration is a lot more popular, for example, than defunding Planned Parenthood or cutting taxes for the wealthy or cracking down on marijuana or bombing distant countries," he said.

Carlson warned against a deal that he says is being made right now by Republicans that would only give lip service to real immigration reform in order to secure amnesty for "Dreamer" illegal immigrants.

"If you see that kind of deal come out of Congress - and you may - the Republican Party is done, it's over, it's toast," Carlson warned. "It'll be a short epitaph too: Suicide."

A deal is being made

On Friday, President Trump sent Democrats a list of demands that would have to be made in a deal for "Dreamer" amnesty, including a request for $18 billion for a border wall. Democrats have balked at the deal, but will meet with Trump and Republicans to negotiate in the coming weeks.

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