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Listen: Man calls 911 to report himself for drunk driving

A man in Winter Haven, Florida, reports himself for drunk driving on New Year's Eve. (Image source: WTVT-TV screenshot)

A Florida dispatcher received a 911 call from someone who wanted to report a drunk driver.

OK, that's normal, but here's where it gets interesting: The man was calling to report himself.

Police recently released a recording of the 911 call that came in just after 9 p.m. on New Year's Eve.

What happened?

Michael Lester was allegedly driving around Winter Haven on New Year's Eve when he decided to call 911.

"I'm too drunk, I don't know where I'm at," the suspect can be heard telling the dispatcher in the recording posted on WTVT-TV.

The dispatcher asked what the man was trying to report.

"I'm just drunk driving," the caller answered.

The dispatcher started asking a series of questions to help determine the suspect's location and asked him to pull his car over.

Starting to sound annoyed by all the questions, Lester said, "I think I'm gonna go get something to eat and they can catch up with me."

The dispatcher asked the caller where he had been all night.

"Ummm ... driving around trying to get pulled over, actually," the suspect replied. At one point he even admitted he was driving the wrong way on the road.

The suspect finally told her that he had to get off the phone to talk to the officers who'd arrived. He ended the call with "You're not going to get any more information from me," adding "have a good night."

Deputies approached the suspect's car and ordered him to get out of the vehicle, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

“He just sat there and stared at me as if he was confused,” the deputy wrote in the arrest report.

Lester, at first, said he drank two beers that night, but later told police it "may have been three or four," according to the Sentinel. He also told the officers he had taken meth earlier that day and had slept only a few hours over the past four days, the arrest report said.

Police charged Lester with DUI. According to the Sentinel, Lester has a prior history of DUI and other criminal charges.

What did police have to say?

"If you're stoned enough to report yourself drunk driving, you're really messed up," Polk County Sherrif Grady Judd said in an interview with WTVT.

The police said they're glad no one was injured by the drunk driver but they did get a laugh out of the call.

"We called it LOTO: 'We laughed our tasers off,'" Grady told WTVT.

"If we could get everyone that's committing crimes to just go ahead and turn themselves in, just to report it," Grady added. "We would appreciate it. It would save time and labor costs."

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