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Chinese couple immigrates to US just in time to welcome their triplets, escape two-child policy

A Chinese couple recently immigrated to the United States in time to welcome triplets away from China's two-child policy. The U.S. flag flies at a welcoming ceremony between Chinese President Xi Jinping and U.S. President Donald Trump on Nov. 9, 2017, in Beijing. (Thomas Peter-Pool/Getty Images)

A Miami pregnancy resource center said a Chinese couple welcomed triplets last month, a happy occasion that might not have occurred in China.

What happened?

According to Pregnancy Help News, the couple — identified as Mensheng and Zhang — were in the process of immigrating from China to the United States when Mensheng became pregnant. However, the couple didn’t realize they were expecting until soon after they arrived in Miami. They welcomed triplets in December in Miami.

China changed its one-child policy in 2015 to permit couples to have two children. According to the BBC, there are narrow exemptions to the two-child policy, but couples who violate it are often subject to punishment, including fines and even forced abortions and sterilizations. Some couples use fertility drugs in an effort to have more than one child at a time, thus bypassing the limit, but the limit is more strictly enforced in rural parts of the country.

Had the couple remained in China, Mensheng and Zhang may have been forced to abort one of their three children. Instead, the triplets arrived in Miami, safe from such a risk.

Who helped the couple?

Martha Avila, president of Heartbeat of Miami, a group of pro-life medical clinics, told Pregnancy Help News it was “an awesome opportunity” for the group to show “the love of Christ Jesus our Lord.”

“Mensheng and Zhang are not alone,” Avila said. “They have all of us.”

Heartbeat of Miami said in a message to supporters that the three baby boys — Landon, Winston, and Auden — said the babies were born prematurely and are undergoing medical treatment.

“I humbly ask for your prayers for these tiny premies,” Avila wrote, who noted that Landon was born at just over two pounds, while Winston and Auden were born weighing slightly over three pounds.

“The doctors say they will be in the hospital for a few months and we are trusting the Lord they will strive in weight and development,” Avila added.

(H/T: The Daily Wire)

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