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Illegal alien Uber driver — who had been deported from US once already — faces multiple rape charges

Image source: TheBlaze

California Police arrested Alfonso Alarcon-Nunez, a registered Uber driver who is also an illegal alien from Mexico, and charged him with 10 felonies — including multiple rapes.

According to KSBY-TV, an investigation revealed that he allegedly targeted women who were on their way home after long nights out.

What are the details?

Law enforcement officials arrested Alarcon-Nunez, 39, at his home last week. He  pleaded not guilty Monday to 10 criminal charges, including multiple counts of rape of an intoxicated victim, forcible rape, and first-degree burglary.

San Luis Obispo County District Attorney Dan Dow said during a news conference that Alarcon-Nunez — who held a 2015-issued California driver's license — wasn't always driving for Uber when the alleged incidents occurred.

Dow noted that predators of this type would "jump in front of the actual Uber driver and they will take someone unsuspecting to their home."

"That's a way of putting someone at risk, and in this case that's exactly what's alleged to have happened," Dow explained.

He added that the female victims ranged from 19-22 years in age, and three of the women were intoxicated when the alleged incidents — said to have taken place in December and January — occurred.

Dow said that they are searching for other victims.

"We actually have evidence that we've obtained in this case, some forensic cyber evidence with information that causes us to know that there are other victims out here," Dow said.

Investigators said that Alarcon-Nunez would assault women and take personal property, including jewelry and mobile phones.

KSBY reported that Alarcon-Nunez would often use a third-party payment app to collect taxi fees in order to disguise his identity. Alarcon-Nunez reportedly also used an alias — Bruno Diaz — to cover his tracks.

The network reported that Alarcon-Nunez was voluntarily deported from New Mexico in 2005, but returned to the U.S. illegally at an undetermined point in time.

Alarcon-Nunez is being held on $1.47 million bail and could face life in prison if convicted on all 10 charges. His next court date is set for Jan. 29.

Did Uber respond?

Uber said in a statement provided to KSBY:

What police have reported is absolutely horrifying, and something no person should ever have to experience. We have been working with law enforcement to provide them with information for their investigation, and the driver has been permanently removed from the app.

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