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Dem Senator is outraged at Trump's sexism - but changes tune when Bill Clinton is mentioned
Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand appeared to tone down her outrage when she was challenged about allegations of sexual assault against former President Bill Clinton, and recent revelations against Hillary Clinton. (Image Source: YouTube screenshot)

Dem Senator is outraged at Trump's sexism - but changes tune when Bill Clinton is mentioned

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) appeared to change her tone completely Monday when challenged by Meghan McCain to express the same outrage against former President Bill Clinton as she had been displaying against President Trump.

Here's the video of the interaction:

Here's what was said:

"I've not heard that from any Republicans, and they won't hold him accountable," Gillibrand told Joy Behar on "The View."

"He should be held accountable, and because he is unwilling to resign, Congress should be doing hearings. Where are the hearings on all of these allegations of sexual assault and sexual harassment?" she asked rhetorically. "He should be held accountable."

When Behar asked about Republican silence on the issue, Gillibrand continued, "it shouldn't be a partisan issue. We should be having a very different conversation about President Trump, and we should be holding him accountable, and we should be having hearings, and giving a space and voice for these women who so bravely have come forward, but President Trump has tried to silence all of them, tried to demean them, tried to dismiss them."

Inconvenient truths

McCain McCain pushed back on Gillibrand's outrage by pointing out some hypocrisy on the part of Democrats who ignored allegations of sexual harassment on their end.

"There's some inconvenient truths on both sides," she said.

"Reportedly Hillary Clinton is under fire for covering up for a top advisor who was accused of sexual harassment back in 2007," she explained. "Do you think her response this weekend was appropriate?"

"As you you know, these things have to be dealt with, whether you're a Democrat, whether you're a Republican, you need transparency and accountability," Gillibrand answered, "and no one is above criticism."

"But in that case," she added, "I don't know all the details."

It was a different time back then...

"That's why a lot of people were really surprised that it took you twenty years to say that Bill Clinton should have resigned over the Lewinsky scandal," McCain pressed Gillibrand, "so what do you say to that?"

"I think this moment of time that we're in is very different," Gillibrand explained.

"It's not about any one president, and it's not about any one industry and if we reduce it to that, we are missing the opportunity to allow women to be heard, to allow women to have accountability and transparency and to allow women to have justice."

Numerous women made allegations of sexual harassment against Trump during the run up to the 2016 election, while recently it was uncovered that Hillary Clinton had covered up allegations of sexual harassment against one of her top advisors. Former President Bill Clinton also faced numerous allegations of sexual harassment, assault, and even rape.

Here's the entire segment with Senator Gillibrand:

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