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Jimmy Kimmel says talk show hosts are liberal because 'it requires a level of intelligence

Jimmy Kimmel says talk show hots are liberal because the job "requires a level of intelligence" — then Ben Shapiro hit back. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel over the weekend was quite brash in his assessment of why most talk show hosts are liberals. But conservative commentator Ben Shapiro wasn't buying it.

What did Kimmel say?

Speaking at Pod Save America live — which was created by three former Obama administration staffers — Kimmel said most talk show hosts are liberals because being a talk show host "requires a level of intelligence."

Of course, Kimmel's statement implies that non-liberals lack intelligence.

The vitriolic comment was no real surprise, given that Kimmel is a liberal talking head who regularly uses his late-night platform to advocate for progressive issues and against President Donald Trump, Republicans or any other group that opposes liberal policies.

But many conservatives weren't going to take the comment lying down. Shapiro, one of the leading conservative voices in 2018, had quite the response.

What did he say?


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