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Philadelphia fans celebrate Super Bowl win by rioting in the streets and destroying their own city

Philadelphia Eagles fans set fires, create chaos after the Super Bowl LII victory over the New England Patriots. It's not clear how many arrests were made.(Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Images)

Fans poured into the streets of Philadelphia after their hometown Eagles won the Super Bowl on Sunday over the favored New England Patriots. It was the first championship victory in franchise history.

It didn't take long for the celebrations to turn into chaos and destruction.

Injuries, vandalism, and destruction carried on late into the night, the Philadelphia Police Department told USA Today.

What happened?

The hashtag #PhillyPoliceScanner was trending on social media as the chaos unfolded.

A man atop the Ritz Carlton hotel awning took a trust fall into the crowd below.

Later, a crowd of fans climbed onto the awning and caused it to collapse onto the people standing below.

Others flipped over cars.

There were reports of fans taking down light poles and smashing them through storefront windows and others reported destruction inside stores.

Some fans set buildings on fire.

Someone reportedly stole a police horse.


It's not clear how many arrests were made.

“We have had several acts of vandalism where windows have been smashed, and some injuries have been reported around light poles that have been pulled down,” the Philadelphia Police Department said in a statement. “We have one report of looting at a gas station. There have been no fatalities.”

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