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Cop mom, 5-year-old son receive major blessing from stranger — who also happens to be an officer

Image source: TheBlaze

A sergeant at the Houston Police Department reportedly surprised a female stranger on Sunday with a serious financial gift for her and her 5-year-old son.

The woman, who is reportedly also a police officer, was visiting a Starbucks with her child when Sgt. Bryan Klevens approached the two with goodwill in his heart and money in his pocket, according to the Houston Chronicle .

In addition to being an officer at the Houston Police Department, Klevens is also the owner of Prison Break Tattoos in Houston.

What did Klevens do?

Detailing his encounter, Klevens wrote on Facebook, "As I walked into the Starbucks this morning outside of downtown and close to the studio, I noticed a young officer, full uniform, having coffee with her date."

The woman's date was a little boy, about 5 years old, who was "dressed in a little blue suit with pictures of Mickey Mouse."

Klevens wrote that the young boy was drinking milk and chatting with his mother inside the store.

"As I sat down at a table in front of them, it was obvious from conversation that she was waiting for the ex to pick up the kiddo for church," Klevens wrote. "As I drank my coffee, the conversation turned to going to Disneyland. It was kind of one way as you can imagine ... every sentence out of his mouth was about the NEED to go and he just HAD TO see Mickey."

Klevens said that the young boy had everyone in the store cracking up with his antics.

"As mom sat listening, her face was of understating," Klevens wrote. "'Baby, you know we have talked about this, and this year momma won't be able to afford for us to go, but I'm gonna work like crazy so we can go next year.'"

Klevens said the little boy's voice cracked as he told his mother, "I know ... but I really wanna go."

"My voice cracked as I turned and handed her $1,500 out of my wallet to take her baby to Disney," Klevens wrote. "I had the store manager in tears, as was mom, when I said take a few days off from the extra job and enjoy a short vacation with your date. Make sure I get pictures."

"The tears in her eyes told the entire story," he added. "Give until it hurts."

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