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McDonald’s employee shouts 'F*** the police!' at cop. It doesn’t end well.

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A McDonald's employee in Normal, Illinois, reportedly lost a job after swearing at a local police officer who'd stopped at the restaurant for a meal.

What are the details?

WMBD-TV reported that the alleged incident occurred on Monday when a female state trooper pulled into the franchise's drive-thru service lane and placed an order for food.

When the trooper pulled toward the window, a food service worker reportedly saw the officer and said, "I just have to say this to [you.] F*** the police!"

According to report, other employees in the restaurant were laughing following the worker's comment to the officer.

The restaurant shortly learned of the incident and reportedly fired the worker as a result.

A woman purporting to be the trooper's sister shared the alleged experience on Facebook in a Monday posting.

The post read:

UPDATE: Im happy to say McDonald's has fired the person who said this to Tracy. I do not know if the others involved have been punished. The public support has been overwhelming and it's truly amazing to see so much support for law enforcement. I hope this reminds everyone of the abuse (and yes this was abuse) that officers go through on a daily basis. Thank you all. All my friends know my sister is a state trooper. I love her more than words can express. She just called me to tell me what happened to her at mcdonalds at 1607 n main st in normal store #26619 at 11 am today and I am beyond pissed. She ordered her lunch at the drive thru in full uniform and squad car. When she went to pay, the girl said to her " I just have to say this to u. F*** the police!" Tracy is much nicer than I am, I would have had plenty of words back, but she just drove to the next window to pick up the food. At this window, the guy was laughing and said wow that's a female trooper she said that to. All the workers inside were laughing. Tracy threw the food away and called corporate. My response is this. F*** McDonald's! You will never get my business again.

What did the restaurant owners say?

According to WMBD, Mikel Petro, co-owner of the McDonald's in question, said, "We were appalled. And we wanted to take swift and immediate action, and we did. Of course, we can't control the thoughts or feelings of our employees, but we can definitely control the experiences that our customers have, and for a customer to have the experience that she says she did, is absolutely unacceptable."

Fox News on Wednesday published a follow-up statement from the restaurant's other co-owner, Jack Millan, who said that the alleged incident was addressed without haste.

"We have the utmost respect for all first responders, including law enforcement officers who protect and serve our communities," Millan said. "This kind of behavior is not tolerated in our restaurants and we immediately addressed this situation."

This is the second similar incident to occur in the U.S. this month.

A Florida police officer alleged that he was refused service at a local McDonald's franchise because of his profession.

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