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Democratic congressional candidate in California makes 'devastating error' of offending veterans

California Democratic congressional candidate Sara Jacobs received criticism for a comment she made about veterans at a campaign event. (Image source: Sara Jacobs Facebook)

Sara Jacobs, a Democrat running for Congress in San Diego, potentially damaged her campaign with a crass comment about veterans that was reported in a Cosmopolitan feature, according to Fox News.

What did she say?

During a campaign event, Jacobs, 29, was asked about her relationship with the district’s military population.

“It’s true, I’m not a crusty old Marine,” Jacobs responded.

Doug Applegate, her Democratic opponent, is a retired Marine colonel.

The Cosmopolitan story described the exchange as “an awkward moment” that was met with relative silence by the audience.

Veteran backlash

Jacobs' remarks spurred condemnation, including from people within her own party.

“As somebody who proudly served our country and risked life and limb to defend our nation and families, I believe that no candidate for public office should attack our service members,” Christina Prejean, an Air Force veteran and Democratic candidate, said. “We serve because of our innate passion to protect our country. We should never tear down veterans."

‘Devastating error’

Jacobs apologized for her comments, but a consultant for another Democratic candidate in the race called the remark a “devastating error.”

Jacobs published an apology on Facebook:

An article came out this morning that took something I said out of context. I want to make it clear — this had nothing to do with Colonel Applegate, he was never mentioned, and I have nothing but respect for his military service. The comment was in response to a Marine who jokingly referred to himself that way first.

I called Colonel Applegate to make sure he knew this wasn’t about him. I apologize to any Marines or other members of the military who this offended. That was never my intention.

Jacobs and Applegate, along with Paul Kerr, Mike Levin and Christina Prejean, are among five Democrats seeking the 49th Congressional District seat now held by outgoing Republican Rep. Darrell Issa.

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