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Officers were 'stunned and upset' at what they saw Broward deputies do at Florida shooting

Police sources told CNN that Scot Peterson was not the only school officer who neglected to accost the Parkland shooter during his massacre - they arrived to find three other school officers waiting behind their cars while the killing continued. (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

Outrage ensued when it was reported Thursday that one armed school resource officer allowed Nikolas Cruz to continue his massacre, but it turns out he wasn't the only one - there were three other officers who responded but didn't enter the school.

Police squeal on each other

The most recent revelation came from sources on the Coral Spring police force who spoke to CNN about what they found when they arrived at the scene. They told CNN that they were surprised that three Broward County Sheriff's deputies had their weapons drawn, but had not entered the school to stop the shooter.

The Coral Spring police then entered the school, but told CNN they were "stunned and upset" that the four Broward County Sheriff's deputies who had responded to the scene first did not join them.

CNN reported that the Coral Springs city manager confronted Broward County Sheriff Israel in front of dozens of others about the "dereliction of duty" that the officers believed they saw from the Broward deputies.

The manager released a statement to CNN about the altercation, saying, "Given the horrific events of that day emotions were running high and the sheriff and I had a heated moment the following evening. Sheriff Israel and I have spoken several times since and I can assure you that our departments have a good working relationship and the utmost respect for each other."

The truth will come out in time

"I understand that another agency has given the impression that it had provided the majority of the rescue efforts, and that the tremendous work of the Coral Springs Police and Fire Departments has not been recognized," wrote Coral Springs Police Chief Anthony Pustizzi in an email to his own staff. 

"Please know that this issue will be addressed, and the truth will come out in time," he added, saying the focus should stay on the victims and their families.

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