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Teacher says Trump should be given 'detention' for his comments on school shooter

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A teacher from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida believes that President Donald Trump should serve two weeks of “detention” for saying the school shooter that killed 17 people is mentally ill.

Who’s a lunatic?

“Going around, calling people who are mentally ill in our community 'psychos' and 'lunatics,' that's not going to solve the problem,” Diane Wolk-Rogers said on CNN. “That actually creates barriers so that people that would want to seek that help aren’t going to get it.”

She said that amounts to name-calling, and she normally gives her students one week of detention for the practice.

She went on to say that Dana Loesch, the National Rifle Association spokeswoman, also should get detention for “name calling” people with mental health issues during a CNN town hall forum on Thursday. During the forum, Loesch said the shooting suspect is a “monster” and “nuts.”

Next, Wolk-Rogers boosted her detention limit by saying Trump and Loesch should get two weeks of detention and write letters of apology to the people of America.

Is a school shooter not 'crazy?'

Wolk-Rogers took issue with the following tweet by the president:

The shooting at the Florida high school has reignited the national debate on gun violence. Some have said the problem is not guns, but people with mental health issues who have guns.

The problem then becomes defining "mental illness" and deciding how to track it in terms of gun purchases.

In the ongoing debate, others have said stigmatizing people with mental health issues is not the best way to address gun violence.

Trump recently directed the Department of Justice to draft regulations to ban bump stocks. The device makes weapons shoot at a faster rate. Trump has also suggested arming certain teachers at schools. That way, would-be shooters are less likely to attack schools, which are currently known as "gun free zones," Trump has said.

Meanwhile, students from MSD are actively speaking out for gun control. They are behind organizing school walkouts and protests in March and plan to march in Washington, D.C., next month.

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