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He's a hero': Robber shoots store owner, tries to run. Then a good guy with a gun turns the tables.

A good guy with a gun stepped up in a big way after police say a man robbed and shot a store owner on Friday in Aurora, Colorado. (Image source: KMGH-TV video screenshot)

James Sagere told KMGH-TV it was "just a normal Friday" at a barber shop where he works in Aurora, Colorado — until he told the station he heard a scream next door, followed by gunshots.

Image source: KMGH-TV video screenshot

The commotion was coming from the Village East Grocery Store, where Sagere told KMGH an "Ethiopian lady [is] running her own business ... and she's the sweetest person you ever want to meet."

Police told the station an unnamed man robbed the store and shot the owner.

Image source: KMGH-TV video screenshot

The suspect then ran across the parking lot toward a car — until Sagere said a fellow barber who holds a concealed carry license stepped up in a big way, the station said.

"That's when you hear the boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom," Sagere recalled to KMGH, describing the actions of the man police are calling a "good Samaritan."

James Sagere said a fellow barber pulled out his gun and fired at the suspect. (Image source: KMGH-TV video screenshot)

The suspect was shot and ran off, police told the station — but he didn't get very far. Later, officers found a man suffering from a gunshot wound about a mile away, KMGH reported, and he was taken into custody.

“Officers believe that the male was the robbery and shooting suspect who had fled from the area of the grocery store,” Aurora Police spokesman Kenneth Forrest told the station in a statement, adding that the suspect was expected to survive.

What happened to the store owner?

Sagere and the pistol-packing good Samaritan put a tourniquet on the victim's leg, KMGH reported, adding that she was taken to a hospital where she was listed in serious but stable condition. Police told the station she was in the parking lot when they arrived suffering from a gunshot wound.

What did Sagere have to say about his fellow barber?

"He’s a hero. He’s a hero," Sagere told KMGH, adding that he was concerned the shooter might return. "If it wasn’t for him being here, I don’t really know how that could have ended up. I’m not sure if one of us could have got hurt."

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