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No way to spin' a 'huge defeat' for Trump, says Jesse Watters in scathing commentary
Jesse Watters gave a scathing commentary of the budget signed by President Trump Friday. (Image Source: YouTube screenshot)

No way to spin' a 'huge defeat' for Trump, says Jesse Watters in scathing commentary

Fox News host Jesse Watters panned the budget signed by President Trump Friday and said that he didn't believe the president's promise to never sign such a bill again.

Here's the video of his comments:

Here's what he said:

"Well I know one thing," Watters said, "Mexico's not going to pay for the wall, and neither are we. Because it says there's gonna be only 1.6 billion for the wall and you can't even use the new concrete wall prototypes that he just surveyed."

"And it's only supposed to be for 93 miles, the border is 3,000 miles," he added. "And the only fencing that is gonna be done is backup fencing and repairs."

"This was a huge defeat for the president on a signature issue," Watters continued, "it's really really bad, there's no way to spin it. I know he wanted more money for the military and that's incredibly important but he sacrificed everything else to get it."

"And I hate to do this, I hate to quote Rand Paul, but Rand Paul said something," he added after an interruption, "well only for this instance, he said there's an unholy alliance between Republicans and Democrats in Congress."

"The Republicans want to spend like crazy on the military," he said, "and the Democrats say, 'OK we'll give you the military spending, if we can spend whatever we want on domestic spending, and they get together and they just run deficits."

"But the border is a mess, and crying [Senator] Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) gets all the money he wants for a tunnel from New Jersey to New York and there's no border wall funding?" he asked. "I saw some of this other pork, I mean Planned Parenthood a half a billion dollars, the John F. Kennedy Center is getting forty million? Stuff that is, they wanted to cut the budget for the EPA, the EPA budget is at a historic high!

"It's really insulting. And he says it's never gonna happen again?" he continued. "I don't see how he's going to change the dynamic in Congress to have this never happen again. Democrats are never gonna work for border wall funding and Republicans aren't gonna go to the mattresses for it."

"Maybe he should have his rich billionaire friends pony up, maybe they can privatize it!" he concluded.

The president signed the budget after initially saying he was thinking about vetoing it Friday. Trump allies Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter said Trump would be impeached after losing the House of Representatives to Democrats in the midterms because of the budget he signed.

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