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Megachurch pastor offers solution for gun violence that has nothing to do with gun control

Dallas Pastor Robert Jeffress told Fox News that in order to reduce gun violence in schools, it's time to get back to teaching children the Ten Commandments. (Image source: Fox News video screenshot)

Texas Pastor Robert Jeffress has a solution for reducing school-related gun violence, and it has nothing to do with increasing gun control.

Jeffress, pastor of First Baptist Church of Dallas, told Fox News during an interview on Palm Sunday that it's time to get back to teaching children the Ten Commandments.

The megachurch leader said he doesn't have a problem with those who participated in the March for Our Lives protests on Saturday, but creating new laws won't fix the problem.

"Jesus Christ is the ultimate hope for our country," Jeffress said.

For the last 60 years there's been a secular movement that "we can be good without God," the 62-year-old pastor said. "Well, that's been a dismal failure."

Jeffress believes it's time to turn back the clock on what children are learning in school: "I remind our viewers that for the first 150 years of our nation's history, our schoolchildren prayed, they read Scripture in school, they even memorized the Ten Commandments, including the commandment 'Thou shall not kill.'"

"I think we need to return to that, teaching people, starting with our children that there is a God to whom they're accountable is not the only thing we need to do to end gun violence, but it's the first thing we need to do," he said.

"If we're depending on legislation alone to solve the problem of gun violence, well, that's like putting a Band-Aid on a cancer," Jeffress continued. "It doesn't deal with the root problem. The root problem is we need to change people's behavior, and that can only happen with a change of heart. And we believe only the gospel of Christ can do that."

What else?

Jeffress said President Donald Trump is the most faith-friendly president "we've ever had" and that includes Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush.

On Sunday night, Jeffress led thousands in the second annual March for Eternal Life, carrying a large illuminated white cross through the streets of downtown Dallas.

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