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SUV crashes through a cell store, but the owner isn't upset - the reason why is crazy

Surveillance caught a harrowing crash of a SUV into a Dallas MetroPCS phone store and rammed into the owner inside. (Image Source: YouTube screenshot)

A MetroPCS store was demolished after a driver accidentally crashed a SUV through the front of the store and rammed the owner into a wall.

Despite everything, the owner was not upset over the destruction for a very peculiar reason.

Here's what happened

The dramatic surveillance video shows the SUV crashing into the Dallas store and unfortunately ramming into the owner and knocking her into a wall.

CBSDFW-TV reported that there were three employees, but it was the owner who was struck and lifted in the air. Amazingly, she wasn't hurt at all.

The driver was 15 years old but he will not be charged by police since it was an accident.

"He was in shock and he busted out crying, he didn't know what to do," said one of the employees who witnessed the crash.

Friends of the owner said that she was not upset over the damage - the store was scheduled to undergo a corporate-mandated makeover, and now the insurance would be paying for it instead of the owner.

Here's the remarkable video:

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