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Go ahead, be pissed': Angry OK lawmaker vows not to vote for any education bill during strike

State Rep. Kevin McDugle, an Oklahoma lawmaker, vowed not to vote for any education measure in response to the behavior or protesters and striking teachers. (Image source: Tulsa World video screenshot)

As the Oklahoma teachers strike heads into its third day, one lawmaker is fed up, and said he will not vote for any education measure while the teachers are refusing to show up to work, according to the Tulsa World.

What did he say?

State Rep. Kevin McDugle recorded a Facebook Live video Tuesday to voice his frustrations. He has since deleted the video.

Here’s what he said:

“Let me tell you something. I voted for every teacher measure to fund them all last year. Took us a year and a half to pass it. And now they come into this House and want to act this way.”

“I’m not voting for another stinking measure when they’re acting the way they’re acting. Our kids follow their example and this is the example they set.”

“I understand the frustration, but this is not the way to go about it. You’re losing the support of people who have supported you all year long. All year long we supported you. And now you’re going to come in here and act like this, after you got a raise? Go right ahead. Be pissed at me if you want to.”

McDugle was upset with how the teachers were behaving at the Capitol, when some protesters began booing during a session in the House of Representatives.

What’s going on with the strike?

The teachers began their strike Monday, and many school districts will continue to be closed indefinitely as the two sides try to come to a resolution.

A bill signed into law by Gov. Mary Fallin last week came far short of the teachers union demands, and as a result of the strike hundreds of thousands of Oklahoma students have been out of class.

Protests at the Capitol escalated Tuesday to the point that House staffers were sent home early for safety reasons, according to NewsOK.

“A small group of people were becoming unruly with legislative assistants. One assistant suffered a medical event. We sent the assistants home out of concerns for safety. They will be back tomorrow as scheduled,” said spokesman Jason Warfe.

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