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Conor McGregor 'going to jail' following bus attack, according to UFC chief

Conor McGregor could be in some hot water after attacking a bus full of UFC fighters on Thursday. (Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Conor McGregor was captured on video attacking a bus full of UFC fighters in New York on Thursday. In response, UFC President Dana White unleashed a tirade on the champion.

McGregor is seen launching a dolly through the window of the bus, which injured lightweight Michael Chiesa who was hospitalized for cuts to his head and face. CBS Sports reported that McGregor also threw chairs, trash cans, a bike rack and a hand cart at the bus.

When asked by TMZ about McGregor's future with the UFC, White this is "bigger than us firing him. He's going to jail. People are gonna sue him. He's gonna have a bunch of civil lawsuits."

An ESPN reporter tweeted a video of White claiming there is already a warrant out for McGregor's arrest, saying "They're looking for him right now. His plane cannot take off, he cannot leave the state of New York with this warrant. He'll be grounded. I'm assuming, eventually, if they don't catch him, he'll turn himself in. I imagine he's going to be sued beyond belief and...this is a real bad career move for him."

But Fox News, ABC News, and MMAFighting's Marc Raimondi all contacted the NYPD about the claims, who confirmed that they do not, in fact, currently have a warrant out for McGregor's arrest.

No motive for McGregor's outrage has been confirmed, but The Washington Post reported that the fighter was incensed by Dana White's decision to strip him of his 2016 title — White announced that the April 7 fight between Max Holloway and Khabib Nurmangomedov will decide the new lightweight champion.

There's also, evidently, a personal beef between McGregor and Nurmangomedov, who was on the bus at the time of McGregor's attack.

McGregor had taken a break from UFC to famously take on Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match in August of last year. From the Mayweather fight, McGregor reportedly netted $100 million.

Michael Chiesa's coach, Rick Little, also gave an account of the attack, saying "Conor went bananas and put a beating on the van that we were in. A million security guards had to restrain him. Mike's cut up now. He's got marks on him, for sure. I don't think too serious. Everything happened so fast, it was like we got jumped."

Meanwhile, Dana White continued to blast McGregor, saying "After this disgusting and despicable move, I think everybody's relationship with Conor is going to be not so great. I don't know if he's on drugs or what his deal is. But to come here and do this and act like this? This is a guy with a baby. You have a son at home."

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