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Anti-gun protest goes awry when Confederate flag-toters show up: ‘We don’t stand for this here’

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Texas high school students were in the middle of an anti-gun walkout protest when counterprotesters pulled out their own gear and everything went to pot.

What are the details?

The student-led walkout happened Tuesday at Eaton High School in far north Fort Worth.

According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, about 100 students gathered to protest against gun violence in the wake of the Parkland, Florida, mass killing.

A student organizer, who spoke to the Star-Telegram, said those counterdemonstrators caused chaos with their paraphernalia.

"People came with the intention to disrupt," organizer Jordan Vine told the outlet. A video shared by Vine shows the organizer stepping on the Confederate flag and saying, "We don't stand for this here."

According to the outlet, other students pulled out "Don't Tread on Me" flags in addition to Confederate flags.

A social media user with the handle SyianeMarie shared the video on Instagram and wrote:

I been said it, but now we got proof! Eaton is racist. First, they didn’t even acknowledge black history month. Secondly, there’s a bunch of kids that are lowkey racist. Thirdly, today. The school organized a walkout to recognize students and teachers that have been a victim of gun violence. Some students decided it was a good idea to bring confederate flags to the walkout and call students of color racial slurs. This was supposed to be a peaceful walkout to pay homage to shooting victims, but racists care so much about their guns that they can’t even let dead people have a moment. 4+ fights broke out during this moment of “silence”. I have heard many times that boys with confederate flags hit girls trying to stand up against racism, which is totally disgusting. People at Eaton are also trying to point this all at black people when all they did was fight back. When you call someone out of their name, except a response. Thankfully all the non-racists (black, white, asian, Hispanic, etc.) fought against the racism that was openly shown today. PSA: No matter how you put it, confederate flags are racist! They symbolize a nation that seceded from its mother country to keep their slaves. It’s not southern “culture” at all. Southern culture is farming, soul food, and country accents, not a racist flag. I hope Eaton staff does something about the now prominent racism in our school. I did not know about the walkout so I didn’t attend it, but I am still deeply hurt about this as a black student in this school.

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Video footage shows several fights breaking out as a result of the clashing ideals, with dozens of teens filming the skirmishes with their cellphones.

Other demonstrators can be seen holding pro-gun signs and waving American flags.

Daniel Segura, a spokesperson for the Fort Worth Police Department, told the outlet that there were no arrests or injuries.

"It was a student assembly that apparently got very vocal," Segura said.

A statement from the school district confirmed that "approximately 100 students participated" in the demonstration. Last school year, Eaton had 1,600 students enrolled in grades 9-12, and the campus is 5.3 percent white and 9.6 percent African American.

"During the event, differences of opinions were expressed," the statement added. "Administration at the campus is addressing any concerns students have as well as any disciplinary issues."

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