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Trump just got his first challenger in 2020 GOP primary — and he's a very famous conservative

Conservative bestselling author Brad Thor announces he will challenge President Trump in the 2020 GOP primary. (Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images)

The 2018 midterm elections have yet to happen, but President Donald Trump got his first challenger for the 2020 Republican primary over the weekend. It's someone who's very popular among conservatives: bestselling author Brad Thor, who is known for his thriller novels.

What are the details?

Thor announced his candidacy in several tweets on Saturday.

"The pages of history do not care if you were a farmer, a soldier, a doctor, or a butcher. They care whether or not, when called, if you rose up to serve. Our Republic cries out for leadership, someone who will respect our Constitutional norms and represent the world’s greatest minority – the individual. That is who I am running for," Thor told the Daily Caller News Foundation in a statement.

He added that his biggest problem with Trump is that the president is "mentally unfit" for the White House.

Thor told the Washington Times he doesn't yet have any "official backing," but said he has "lots of soft support." He told the outlet he has been in "unofficial discussions" with "influential players" in the conservative movement regarding a 2020 challenge since last year.

"Our nation was established to protect the greatest minority in the history of the word – the individual. As such, our government’s every move should be directed toward securing those rights," Thor told the Times.

"A free people should zealously guard their freedom and never take it for granted. A leader who neither understands, nor cares about the mechanisms of government and the protections of liberty, is unquestionably unfit to serve and should be voted out of office for the people’s own good," he explained.

Who would be his running mate?

Potentially Ben Shapiro.

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