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Scammers trying to profit from death of beloved Yarmouth police officer

Yarmouth police have warned Massachusetts residents about scammers who are soliciting money for a fake memorial fund for slain K9 Police Sgt. Sean Gannon, who was murdered April 12 while serving an arrest warrant. (Image source: Video screenshot)

Police warned Massachusetts residents not to be taken by scammers claiming to be raising money for slain Yarmouth K9 Police Sgt. Sean Gannon's memorial fund.

Barnstable police received several complaints from residents who said they'd received calls asking for donations to the "Sean Gannon Fund." Gannon was murdered April 12 while serving an arrest warrant in Marston Mills Village of Barnstable, which sits west of Yarmouth.

“It is with disappointment that we announce a SCAM claiming to solicit money related to the death of K9 Sgt. Sean Gannon,” Yarmouth Police wrote on Facebook Saturday.

Police warned not to donate money to anyone who calls and asks for money for Gannon's memorial fund.

"There are NO ACTIVE PHONE SOLICITATIONS being conducted," police said.

Instead, people are being asked to make donations in person at the Yarmouth Police Department or through the Yarmouth Police Foundation's website where a memorial fund was created to honor the 32-year-old officer who was laid to rest last week.

There's also a GoFundMe page created to help support Gannon's widow, Dara Gannon, that police said is legitimate and some businesses have been collecting funds to donate to the memorial fund.

What about Gannon's K9 partner?

A separate fund has been set up for Nero, Gannon's K9 partner, who was shot during the incident.

On Wednesday, Nero was driven home from the hospital in his fallen partner's police cruiser, according to police.

Nero, a 28-month-old Belgian Malinois, will stay with K9 Officer McClelland until he's fully recovered at which time he will be returned to Gannon's family.

What else?

Gannon's death has spurred debate over reinstating the death penalty in Massachusetts after he was allegedly killed by a career criminal with 125 prior charges.

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