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Comey describes Trump as self-centered and needy during CNN town hall event to promote his book

Former FBI Director James Comey appeared on a CNN town hall event on Wednesday where he defended his actions, promoted his book, and continued attacking the character of President Donald Trump. (Image Source: YouTube screenshot)

Former FBI Director James Comey continued his relentless attack on President Donald Trump during a CNN town hall event Wednesday.

During the program, Comey alleged that Trump makes decisions based not on merit but on ego.

What did he say?

"His only reference point is internal — 'What will bring me what I need? What will fill this hole in me, get me the affirmation I crave?' — that is deeply concerning," Comey said during the town hall at the College of William & Mary in Virginia.

Trump and his supporters have said that Comey is merely upset that he lost his job and is trying to boost book sales by insulting the president's character.

The fired FBI director went on to say what it's like to work with Trump.

"His style of conversation was a series of assertions about great things he had done,” Comey said. "The challenge I found was that they wash over you like a wave and even if you disagree, the waves keep coming.

"But that is the style, it's 'I'm great, I'm great, I'm great,'" he added.

According to Comey, Trump also lacks a sense of humor.

"I saw Presidents [George W.] Bush and [Barack] Obama both use humor effectively to relax, to put at ease, to try and get to the truth," Comey said. "I never saw President Trump laugh even in an almost hour-and-a-half-long private dinner."

Comey claims to have no nicknames for Trump, even though the president has called Comey a "slime ball," "liar," and "leaker."

"Honestly, I call him the president of the United States, because I respect the office," Comey said.

Does he still support Trump?

Added to all of that, Comey said he wants Trump to be successful.

"No matter my concerns about him, I want him to be successful," Comey said. "I would be so happy if there is a way to peace on the Korean peninsula. We should root for our president — that also doesn't mean we should fail to hold him accountable — especially when he threatens our core values."

Comey characterized his book as a way to "drive conversations" about the nation's values.


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