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Trump's former physician makes a confession after revealing his office was raided

The president's former personal physician admitted Tuesday to CNN that he did not write the letter attributed to him in 2015 praising then-candidate Trump's health, but that Trump himself dictated it. (Image Source: YouTube screenshot)

The president's personal physician admitted Tuesday to CNN that he did not write the medical letter that was released to the press about Trump in 2015, but that then-candidate Trump dictated the letter to him.

"He dictated that whole letter"

It was revealed Tuesday that associates of the president "raided" the offices of Dr. Harold Bornstein and seized documents relating to Trump's health after the doctor told the New York Times about a hair growth product he prescribed to the president.

After that report, Bornstein told CNN that he did not write the infamous letter about Trump's health that was widely panned by the skeptical media in 2015.

"He dictated that whole letter," Bornstein said to CNN. "I didn't write that letter."

The letter had a glowing review of Trump's health, but the language it contained had many questioning whether Trump himself wrote it.

"I just made it up as I went along," Bornstein added.

Bornstein appeared to be traumatized by the raid on his office, and bewildered as to why the president reacted so negatively to his admission to the New York Times about the hair growth product.

“I feel raped. That’s how I feel,” Bornstein said. “Raped, frightened, and sad. I couldn’t believe anyone was making a big deal out of a drug that was to grow his hair, which seemed to be so important."

"And it certainly was not a breach of medical trust to tell somebody they take Propecia to grow their hair," he added. "What’s the matter with that?”

"Standard procedure"

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Tuesday that the raid and seizure was standard procedure.

"It would be standard procedure for the president’s, a newly elected president’s, medical records to be in possession by the White House Medical Unit, and that was what was taking place, as those records were being transferred over to the White House Medical Unit, as requested," she said.

Here's the video of the CNN report:

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