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David Hogg tries to fight Dana Loesch over the NRA and 'loopholes.' It does not end well.

David Hogg tries to pick a fight with Dana Loesch over the NRA. It does not end well. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

On Friday, prominent gun control advocate David Hogg tried to pick a fight with conservative Dana Loesch, who serves as spokeswoman for the National Rifle Association and staunchly defends the Second Amendment.

It did not end well for the high school senior.

What happened?

It began when Loesch responded to a critic on Twitter, who claimed "universal background checks" are only required by nine states and that a "gun show loophole" exists. Loesch, of course, refuted the critic's claims with facts.

Then Hogg, unprovoked, entered the scene. He claimed the NRA's nonprofit status is a "loophole" because the NRA's president, now Oliver North, is compensated millions of dollars annually.

"IDK about you but that doesn’t sound like a non-profit to me," Hogg said. He also implied the NRA has a "gender pay gap," a reference to the difference of pay between men and women.

What was the response?

While Loesch ignored Hogg's provocation, others did not do the same. They took the high school senior to school over non-profits organizations and what that government classification really means.

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