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Watch how this patriotic crowd responds when PA announcer says no national anthem before ball game

When the national anthem was not played before a recent California high school softball game, the crowd took things into their own hands. (Image via Twitter @agalaviz_TheBee)

When the public address announcer told the crowd at a high school softball championship game in Fresno, California, on Friday the national anthem would not be played prior to the game, the crowd took the pre-game tradition into their own hands.

What are the details?

According to the Fresno Bee, when the PA official twice announced there would be no national anthem rendition preceding the matchup between Clovis and Buchanan high schools, the crowd erupted in boos.

Then the softball players lined up toward the American flag and the crowd began singing the anthem a cappella.

Why wasn't the anthem played like normal?

According to Yahoo News, event coordinator Bob Kayajanian told the Bee it is standard procedure.

"The national protocol is the first game of the session you have the national anthem," he said. "The games after that are just played. We got caught (off-guard). Both the teams turned to face the field and they all started singing the national anthem. They started to play some music, and the people took that as the national anthem and they all started singing, which I think is obviously a wonderful thing to show off their patriotism."

"We try to follow with what normally gets done. It’s all a learning experience for everyone and [going forward] we’re playing the national anthem at every game," Kayajanian added.

Here's another video of the impromptu performance:

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