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Here's the 'O'Reilly solution' to 'Dreamer' illegal aliens

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Former Fox News host Bill O'Reilly weighed in on the decades-old stalemate on immigration, and offered his "O'Reilly solution" - complete with an amnesty plan for illegal aliens.

Here's what he said

O'Reilly wrote that most Americans have sympathy for "Dreamers," the euphemism given to illegal aliens who were brought into the country when they were children. And he offered his "O'Reilly solution" to the conundrum.

"The Republicans in the House do not know how to handle the dreamers," he tweeted. "Polls show that most American citizens want compassion for the undocumented young people, but what form that compassion takes is undefined. So here’s the O’Reilly solution."

"Each dreamer must register with the feds within a three month period," he wrote. "If they do not, they are subject to immediate deportation."

"Part of the registration process would require a resume: home address, schooling, work history, marital status etc.," he explained. "Also, any legal problems would have to be stated."

"Then, the registration would be vetted and homeland security officials would decide if the dreamer was responsible enough to get a temporary resident card," O'Reilly wrote. "If the dreamer succeeds in acquiring the card, he or she could then apply for a green card and, eventually, for citizenship."

"But in order to get those privileges," he explained, "the dreamer would have to do two years of public service or enlist in the military. The PS would not be full time, but would require doing free work for the country. A variety of options would be provided by the feds."

O'Reilly went on to explain that in exchange for amnesty that the Republicans should demand greater enforcement at the border, and harsh punishments for illegal aliens who commit crimes in the United States.

Where the debate is right now

Moderate Republicans have been trying to force a vote on immigration bills including one that would address the presence of "Dreamer" illegal aliens. President Trump gave Congress six months to address the issue before he shut down the Obama-era program DACA, but lawmakers have been thus far unable to reach a consensus on an immigration bill that would pass both houses of Congress.

Here's a news report on Dreamer amnesty in Congress:

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