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Kim Kardashian fires back at critics of her Trump visit - here's what she said

Kim Kardashian West responded to critics of her visit to the White House who said she was legitimizing the president and his policies. (Image Source: YouTube screenshot)

Kim Kardashian West broke her silence about her visit to the White House to obtain a commutation for Alice Johnson from the president, and she fired back at her critics.

Here's what she said

Kardashian explained how the meeting happened to CNN's Van Jones and he challenged her with criticisms that some have tossed at her over the unusual visit.

"Trump is using you as a political pawn," Jones said, "so now you sort of, you've endorsed him in a way, you've kinda given him legitimacy. You might be in a campaign video - he used you."

"I think Kanye has already been giving him legitimacy, so I don't you know, in that way, so I don't think I would be used," Kardashian responded.

"At the end of the day, he heard me out," she concluded. "We got the job done."

"So, I don't think," she asked, "what could he really use me for?"

"I don’t let it phase me”

"When you say Kanye gave him legitimacy," Jones asked, "what do you mean by that."

"I mean Kanye you know, cosigned, and said that he loves his personality and loves him," she explained. "And it was very very separate. Like, you know, Kanye obviously knew what I was doing and knew I was working on it ahead of time, but, so that yeah when I hear that, and I've heard that, I don't let it phase me."

Trump, Kim and Kanye

Trump met with Kardashian and later commuted the life sentence of Alice Johnson, a grandmother who had been found guilty of non-violent drug crimes and spent more than two decades in prison.

Kardashian is married to rapper and entertainer Kanye West, who infuriated many on the left when he praised Trump and promoted the president's supporters from his social media. West made it clear that he didn't support all of Trump's policies, but wanted to warn African-Americans against "monolithic" thinking that led to Democrats taking their vote for granted.

Here's the video of Kardashian's interview with Van Jones:

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