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Here's what happened at the historic Trump summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un

Image Source: YouTube screenshot

President Donald Trump shook hands with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un at the commencement of their historic summit to negotiate peace for the Korean peninsula.

Here's what happened

Just moments before the summit began, the president tweeted a shocking announcement about his top economic aide, Larry Kudlow.

It was later reported that Kudlow had a mild heart attack but should recover.

Minutes later, Trump and Kim shook hands before photographers at a luxury hotel in Singapore.

"We will have a terrific relationship," he added as they walked to their one-on-one meeting. They had no aides, only a translator each.

"I feel really great. We'll have a great discussion," Trump said. "This will be tremendously successful."

After 40 minutes, they emerged and spoke from a balcony at the hotel, and then walked to an expanded bilateral meeting.

"Very good," the president remarked to reporters. "Very very good. Excellent relationship, thank you very much."

In the expanded bilateral meeting, Trump was joined by White House chief of staff John Kelly, national security adviser John Bolton, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and a translator.

"I believe this is a big prelude to peace," Kim said through a translator. "There will also be big challenges ahead but I'm willing to do this."

"We will solve it, we will be successful," Trump responded. "And I look forward to working on it with you. It will be done. Thank you very much."

According to a translator, Kim had pleasant comments about the meeting.

“We overcame all kinds of skepticism and speculations about this summit and I believe that this is good for the peace," he said.

Some have criticized the president for conceding to a meeting and lending legitimacy to a murderous totalitarian leader. Trump appeared to address his critics earlier Monday through his Twitter account.

"The fact that I am having a meeting is a major loss for the U.S., say the haters & losers," he tweeted.

"We have our hostages, testing, research and all missle [sic] launches have stoped [sic]," he added, "and these pundits, who have called me wrong from the beginning, have nothing else they can say! We will be fine!"

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