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Texas billboard directs liberals to keep driving until they leave the state. It's coming down soon.

A billboard near Amarillo, Texas, that tells liberals to keep on going until they've left the state will be taken down after the photo went viral. (Kyle Mccallie handout)

A Texas billboard, which gained national attention for its message that directed liberals to keep on driving until they've left the state, will come down soon, according to USA Today.

"Liberals please continue on I-40 until you have left our GREAT STATE OF TEXAS," the billboard says, as shown in a photo taken by Kyle Mccallie, who noticed the sign while driving to work.

It's unclear who purchased the sign, but Randy Burkett, owner of Burkett Outdoor Advertising, which owns the billboard, told the newspaper that it would be taken down.

"I was shocked that it traveled that fast," Burkett told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. "I believe in free speech, but this country is divided enough as it is. I've spoken with the client, and he's agreed that it should come down. We'll be reimbursing him."

The sign sits along Interstate 40 just a few miles from Vega, which is about 35 miles west of Amarillo and 35 miles east of the New Mexico border.

What happened?

Mccallie posted the photo on Facebook Tuesday, and it quickly went viral.

The 25-year-old told TheBlaze that he supported the messaging on the sign and that he was unaware of plans to remove it.

"I absolutely think it should stay up! People shouldn’t be such snowflakes and get offended," Mccallie told TheBlaze.

What else?

In protest, Roman Leal created a GoFundMe account on Tuesday to raise money for a billboard to counter the sign's message to liberals:

We need a sign that represents the true, hospitable spirit of the great state of Texas. "Texas is for Everyone — Except Bigots" will go up on the Lamar digital billboard at I40 and Coulter. It will be visible to travelers and commuters driving along the interstate in Amarillo, giving us a chance to put our best boot forward. Meeting the campaign goal will keep the billboard up for 4 weeks. Any contributions exceeding the goal will be used to pay for a longer duration.

At the time of this writing, the fundraiser had already exceeded its $1,800 goal.

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