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GOP releases blistering new ad featuring Kathy Griffin, Maxine Waters, and rest of 'unhinged' left

Image source: TheBlaze

The GOP has released a new video featuring "unhinged" leftists who apparently want nothing more than to bring down the Trump administration with radical moves in an ultra liberal agenda.

The ad appears to have been prompted by Rep. Maxine Waters' (D-Calif.) remarks about harassing Trump administration officials should they dare go out in public.

What was in the video?

The video, which is titled, "The Left in 2018: Unhinged," is a montage of people who have made inflammatory and outright threatening remarks against the Trump administration.

The video features the antics of comedienne Kathy Griffin, Congresswoman Waters, talk show host Bill Maher, and more.

In addition to commentary and imagery from the personalities, images of graffiti prompting revolution and burning cars can be seen on the screen.

In the video, footage of comedienne Samantha Bee can be heard calling Ivanka Trump a "feckless c**t," and rapper Snoop Dogg can be seen shooting a President Donald Trump-look alike in an excerpt from a music video. Entertainer Madonna can also be heard making remarks about "blowing up the White House."

The GOP's official Twitter account shared the minute-long video on Tuesday.

The tweet read, "Maxine Waters' threats are just the latest example of the Left becoming totally unhinged. It has to stop."

What else?

Steve Guest, a spokesperson for the RNC, told The Hill, "Voters have a clear choice in 2018, the Democrat Party is the party of obstruction and extreme rhetoric while the Republican Party is working to deliver a stronger economy for all Americans."

On Wednesday, Griffin responded on Twitter to being featured in the ad, writing, "The @GOP has used video from my Trump mask photo shoot in their latest web ad. They've also included @MaxineWaters and @iamsambee — I'm in good company. Is this the best you got guys? A comic's photoshoot ... while your president is keeping children in internment camps?"

She added, "F*** you."

Griffin later wrote, "Also I'd like to note I was under a two month federal investigation for this image ... but the GOP and @GOPChairwoman use it in an ad? So it was allegedly dangerous enough that I needed to be the subject of this investigation but now it's no longer dangerous?"

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